New TB Medicines & Regimens eCourse

Thanks to a bigger push for innovation as part of the End TB strategy, new medicines—bedaquiline (Sirturo™) and delamanid (Deltyba™)—are now available to treat MDR-TB and XDR-TB with a novel short-course regimen.

However, countries and partners have been slow to use these drugs, and many health workers lack expertise in prescribing them. Many health facilities also lack a system to monitor the efficacy, safety, and potential adverse effects of these medicines. To increase the use of these new treatments and boost good health outcomes, it is critical to share accurate and reliable information about their appropriate management and safe use.

Experts in MDR-TB have already been teaching these innovations to health care workers at in-person workshops organized by the US Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program in collaboration with national TB programs and partner organizations. SIAPS has trained hundreds of people in five countries over the past 18 months.

Now, there is a new, easier, and faster way to learn about these innovations in TB treatment: An online course. Participants can access comprehensive information about the new medicines and regimens at any time and at no cost. The online course was developed by SIAPS and implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) with financial support from USAID to help low- and middle-income countries adopt new TB medicines and regimens more quickly.

The new TB Medicines & Regimens eCourse can be accessed on


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